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Data capture services

Data Capture Services

Efficient business process outsourcing
Focus on your core business by looking at tasks and processes that can be handled externally rather than in-house.

Often called BPO – Business Process Outsourcing, this accurately describes what we do. Most companies have a task or set of specific tasks that are undertaken in-house but where cost, space or a combination of these can justify the outsourcing to Lightspeed.

We normally identify such process as delivery notes, PoDs, accounts payable, forms and applications as processes that would benefit from automation and do not fit into your core business.

A prime example of this is manual data input. Using the excellent Trapeze software (which we supply to clients that require software for in-house operations) we can help you remain focused on your core business but still have access to your data quickly - whilst making the kind of savings normally associated with outsourcing. This reliable, automated process allows us to compete with off-shore keying, which while perceived to be cheaper is not always the most efficient. It also allows you a greater level of control and the ability to implement changes and new processes quickly and reliably.

The Process of Improvement.

Initially we will work with you to understand what you do and what your requirements are. We will look at what format the data needs to be in, how quickly you need it, who needs access to it, how accurate it needs to be and how you fulfil your statutory and business requirements.

Once this process is completed,we will agree a timescale and most importantly implementation and test process. This involves working with a representative sample of your documents to create our configuration datasets and run tests. These tests are used as bench marks for the service we provide to you.

In addition,we can act as a PO box and agree SLAs to ensure you have the data when you need it, how you need it where you need it.

This leaves you free to concentrate on your core business safe in the knowledge your data is available the instant you need it.

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