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Business Continuity

How safe is your archive?
It may surprise you to know how few companies have an effective Business Continuity scheme - and what the effects of not having one are.

For instance, according to The London Chamber of Commerce, 90% of companies that lose data from a disaster are forced to shut down within two years - a sobering statistic!

Watch your back (log)
Whilst your current data is arguably the most important to recover your business from a disaster, don't forget your archive - losing a large portion could be at best inconvenient but at worst, well...

It's easy to assume your archive is protected. However, a number of fires in document storage warehouses in the last few years highlight how easily things can go wrong.

Obviously, such measures have to be cost effective - however it is possible to build in extra levels of security to your existing procedures.

As we offer a range of services to capture your data, they can all be used to form part of your business continuity plan, so making sure your archive is safe and sound will probably be cheaper than you think.

We specialise in providing solutions to SMEs, who are at risk of not having a formal business continuity plan in place.

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