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In House Scanning

Home or away?
Thanks to the proliferation of some very clever Multi Function Devices, more and more businesses are starting to scan or even take their scanning requirements in house.

So is it worth doing?

In some instances, most definitely, yes. Don't be surprised that a scanning bureau would agree to such a thing. It can make perfect sense for some firms, normally those scanning a small and regular amount. Inevitably though, there are "buts".

Done your sums?
Sounds obvious but there are hidden costs with taking your scanning in house. In normal use this is just equipment, service and staff time but you should budget - and make provision for - the extra time it will take when you reach a backlog situation, caused by staff shortages or machine malfunction.

Maintaining continuity is a another important aspect, especially if you are scanning regularly and rely on the information being updated. Unfortunately, all machines go wrong at some point, so having a good disaster recovery plan is essential.

Get some backup.
If you decide to go in house, we can help you. From consulting on the right kind of application and MFD to providing a backlog and emergency scanning service, we can form part of your continuity plan.

Our experience with a large number of 3rd party ECM/EDM systems means we can pick up where you left off quickly and efficiently.

To find out how we can help you with your in house systems, contact us.