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RDR – Retail Distribution Review

Practical help for IFAs

To many IFAs, the prospect of retail Distribution Review - or RDR sounds painful. It may well be for some people - and not others.

There are many articles that explain what RDR is and the possible effects on IFAs elsewhere on the web. What we want to cover here is an area that may be applicable to IFAs that are considering selling their business.

Selling a business can be a traumatic time. For the buyer as well as the IFA who wants an exit. How do you allow prospective buyers to correctly evaluate your business?

There are many IFAs up and down the country that have been in business successfully, for many years. Their back office systems may not be all they can be. This includes the retention and archiving of client files and this is where your business value lies. Your clients, any companies' clients are their assets. If your prospective buyer can easily evaluate your files then the sale process can be immensely easier and may yield greater value.

What we propose is to work with the IFA in a manner that enables their paper files to be captured, indexed and retrieved in a way that allows easy access and future compliance.

IFA networks are beginning to recommend that their members manage their client files in such a manner that allows compliance and transparency. Both these items are crucial to RDR and IFAs that clearly adhere to these recommendations will in future find that their businesses are fully valued and easier to exit from.

For more specific information and how we can assist your exit plans please contact us for an informal meeting.