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Secure online document archiving

Fast, instant access to your data with ImageSilo
With ImageSilo from Digitech Systems, you can conveniently store and access data online without incurring any capital costs

Unlike most so-called on-demand solutions offered today, ImageSilo was developed for the on-demand market, meaning customers never compromise features and functionality when choosing the convenience of a hosted ECM. In fact, it was the first on-demand system on the ECM market in 1999 and is recognised as an industry-leading service today. Digitech's core competencies of software development and system and network management make them the best choice for long-term reliability and stability.

Uncompromised SecurityImageSilo
Your stored content remains invisible - even to Digitech Systems’ employees. Five layers of security, including transmission security, system security, data security, application security and physical security, guard information at every stage. Data can be encrypted both during transmission and when stored. With documented evidence of internal controls, extensive audit trails, security logs, user activity and document history reports, ImageSilo also enables companies to comply with government and industry regulations.

Efficient Collaboration
By providing powerful check-in/check-out and versioning controls, ImageSilo ensures that users are working on the latest, most accurate version without the fear of overwriting each other. Email, fax and print capabilities are supported, as are migration tools for data portability. ImageSilo supports virtually any type of information, including more than 250 electronic file types, paper records, images, print streams and even email messages. Easy-to-use, powerful search capabilities allow users to locate any information in minutes.

Seamless Integration
ImageSilo works effortlessly with Microsoft® Office. Utilising PaperVision® Enterprise Tools for ImageSilo, users can upload files directly and control document versions using Microsoft Office toolbars and menus. A point-and-click integration module and API capabilities enable seamless integration with virtually any application. Users won’t have to leave their line-of-business software to store and retrieve critical corporate data. Plus, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing all your important information is securely managed in the ECM system.

Uninterrupted Information Access with 99.9%Uptime Guarantee
Digitech Systems engineers, maintains, monitors and manages all of our software, servers and storage. Elaborate backup strategies maintain data integrity, and multiple redundant systems mitigate the potential for failures affecting information availability.

For more information on ImageSilo, see the downloads available (right) or please contact us to see what we can do for you.