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Large Format Scanning

For the big things in your life
Using our Colortrac wide format scanner we can scan your plans, engineering drawings and anything else up to A0+ wide and virtually unlimited length.

We have plenty of experience with "challenging" originals like blueprints and faded acetate drawings so are able to not only get you the best possible image but know how to best care for your documents.

Naturally, we can output to all the normal file formats and can integrate your large format work with your normal sized documents - for instance planning applications and supporting documentation.

Save your plans for ever
If you are scanning your plans for long term archiving we recommend outputting them as PDF/A files, to guarantee their ability to be opened and read. PDF/A is a "futureproof" format - so no matter how far into the future you refer to them, you can be sure what you see today will be seen then. For more information on all our PDF services, visit our PDF section.