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Microfilm, Microfiche, Diazo and Aperture Card services

Consult the microfilm experts
Lightspeed have always recognised the unique qualities that Microfilm possesses and have unrivalled experience in all aspects of microfilm production - with over 100 years of experience between us, we have the knowledge and ability to ensure a first class service.

As well as excellent archival properties (ideal for sensitive information or files requiring long storage time) Microfilm can form an important part of any disaster recovery programme. As all you need to read microfilm is a light source and a magnifying glass, it is of course totally future proof and can be viewed independently of any computer systems.

Total Service
We can provide a complete service for microfilming - including film and diazo scanning and duplication, including aperture cards. more

Teaching Microfilm New Tricks
Converting your microfilm to a digitised image means it can then be uploaded to an online server or stored on a CDROM. Or, to strengthen your disaster recovery programme - we can scan and film your documents as one process - giving you instant access and peace of mind. more