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Microfilm Process

A quality service
Our vast experience in microfilm ensures a quality service, with the accent on rigorous quality control checks at every stage of the process. We process all films to the relevant BSI/ISO standards - and conduct regular residual thiosulphate tests, to ensure the film we produce has the optimum amount of silver remaining on the processed film.

This is critical: too much silver-halide on un-exposed areas of film reduce its life span, and compromise one of microfilm's great advantages: archival permanence.

Once these documents have been filmed and the films processed they are checked for accuracy and density (optimum darkness) throughout the film.

For sensitive work, certificates of authenticity are filmed at the beginning and end of each roll, to assist in presenting the filmed documents being admissible in court. Whilst scanned images can be admissible in court, producing a legally admissible microfilm is a simple and very robust process.

Images can be returned as a roll of film, jackets, fiche or the filmed images indexed and incorporated into a CAR (Computer Aided Retrieval) system.

Best of both worlds

For added security and convenience, we can simultaneously scan and film documents. This gives you archival permanence, legal admissibility and easy retrieval of data. Click here for more details.

Microfilm can also give you a very capable string to your business continuity bow. We can store your films in our secure, fireproof safes, so you have every eventuality covered.

Whatever your microfilm needs, we can help - contact us for more information