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Microfilm Services

As well as providing a first class microfilming service, we can also offer you the opportunity to digitise your images for instant access and offer simultaneous scanning and microfilming of your documents

Microfilm Scanning
If you currently hold a large amount of data on microfilm that you need to have available at short notice or wish to share with a large number of users in multiple locations, you need to scan your film. After the film is scanned, images can be converted to any popular file format, allowing easy integration to your existing document management system, distributed on CD or uploaded to an online filing repository. Lightspeed scan film, fiche and Aperture cards, from a single image to millions. You can also have your work back as a text search-able PDF.

Microfilm duplication services
Lightspeed can duplicate your 16 & 35 mm films, microfiche and diazo copies. Our attention to detail and rigorous testing procedures mean you can be assured of the very best quality .

Simultaneous scanning and filming
Ideal if you have a large archive that contains documents that require long retention times but also require regular access. Images are filmed and scanned simultaneously (ensuring legal admissibility for the film) giving you digitised output for your document management system and microfilm for archive and effective disaster recovery.

Film then scan
If you have precious documents, for example in book format, that cannot fit into a normal scanner, Lightspeed can film the images (so preserving the original document) then scan the films to provide a digitised image.

Whatever your microfilm needs, we can help - contact us for more information