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OCTOPUS from Lightspeed - structured capture at its best

Octopus delivers high-speed, accurate, automated data extraction and classification designed to help businesses manage the vast amount of incoming information they receive.

With Octopus Lightspeed are able to take mixed batches of structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents within a single flow. By combining Octopus with best of breed OCR and ICR engines we can scan, classify and extract data from all kinds of paper or electronic documents often without manual sorting or data entry. This provides costs reduction with business process optimisation which can save time and money whilst increasing the ability to manage the flow of incoming documents.

Increased efficiency and reduced costs for businesses of all sizes

Advanced OCR capture and processing
Octopus greatly reduces the need for manual validation by extracting more data automatically. Octopus can be coupled with several recognition engines that allow machine print, hand written text, check marks and bar coded information to be read.

This combination of best of breed products, coupled to our unique understanding of process can result in significant time and cost savings - even for small firms. in fact, OCTOPUS is so cost efficent, we can normally provide you with savings by processing as little as 200 documents per month.

In a nutshell, OCTOPUS can:

  • Automatically identify all document types.
  • Reduce manual data entry thus accelerating business processes through intelligent data capture.
  • Handle complex capture of tables including invoice line item.
  • Provide powerful data validation using your business rules.

Will OCTOPUS work for me?

Octopus advanced data capture and processing

Yes! Octopus streamlines many types of document processes. Because of its flexibility, it has the unique ability to be tailored to a large number of applications.

OCTOPUS is already hard at work processing:

  • Invoices
  • Policy applications
  • Claim forms
  • Purchase orders
  • Patient records
  • Legal documents
  • Gift Aid (Charity forms)
- and can be used in any situation where data needs to be extracted accurately, quickly and cheaply.

OCTOPUS can help you

We have designed OCTOPUS to be flexible and scaleable, whilst giving a higher level of accuracy for an automated process.

This allows us to offer OCTOPUS at a significantly lower price point than traditional data capture solutions.

To see how much we can help you streamline your process and reduce costs, please contact us.