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On Demand Scanning

Only what you want - only when you need it

Lightspeed's ONDEMAND service provides a cost effective solution to storing and accessing your paper or microfilm archive.

So if you don't have a business case for scanning all your records but have a storage issue, then ONDEMAND could be for you.

We will store your archive securely and when you need to see specific records, will retrieve and scan them for you - at an agreed, fast turnaround - before delivering them to you in your specified format.

ONDEMAND grows with you
The Lightspeed ONDEMAND service is designed around your business needs - and as it is made up of a number of processes and products, it's easy to tailor to your requirements.

For instance, you may decide to start with files emailed or uploaded to you via FTP, moving to an online archive (like ImageSilo) after a few months. We can even schedule back scanning of your whole archive over a set timescale to help you manage budgets.

Simple and Effective
After receiving your request via our website, we will retrieve the document(s), scan them and return them you by your chosen method.

Naturally, the whole process is designed to be as efficient and fluid as possible, integrating with your normal routine.

To find out more about ONDEMAND can help you, please contact us.