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Efficient Paper Scanning Services

A Fast and Accurate Scanning Service

Lightspeed provide an efficient and high quality colour and black & white scanning service for any size of paper up to A0+ - all output in a format to suit you. Our high speed scanners feature VRS (Virtual ReScan) software for optimum results from the most difficult originals.

Our two sites offer the flexibility and capacity to scan large or small archives to your timescales.

Output to suit you

We support all major output formats (and most of the minor ones too) and a variety of delivery methods from CD to online delivery to to your own EDM system.

If you only require very occasional access to your files, we return your scanned images on a CD or DVD in non proprietary format, ensuring compatibility with any system you need to view it in.
We will NOT provide you with a set of images that will become unreadable in 2 years time!
To really ensure your files are "future proof" we recommend output in PDF/A format. If you already have a large archive of PDF files and need to guarantee their readability, see how CVISION DocArchiver produces PDF/A files

Full text recognition and any level of indexing.

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to make your scanned documents text searchable gives you the power to find the information you need instantly. Combined with our accurate indexing, your data will become an efficient, useful business tool, instead of a pile of paper.

Scanning for In House Applications.

Lightspeed have assisted many firms with scanning and creating databases for existing in-house systems. We have created images and associated databases for many local companies who are running in-house systems such as LaserFiche, Alchemy, Retriever and FileNET Panagon.

This means that if you have an in-house solution and get caught with a large backlog, we can help you, delivering your scanned files back in a format that will go straight into your system, ensuring your data is maintained with seamless continuity.

For more information on our scanning services, please contact us.