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PDF Services

Empower your PDFs

If bookmarks and hyperlinks are just menu items that you look at when you are creating PDFs, isn't it time you made them work for you? They may be time consuming but are worth the effort in making a professional impression - and making navigation around the document simplicity itself.

Our extensive experience in creating PDFs is at your disposal. Whether you create your own PDFs or just want us to create them for you, we can add features like book marks and hyperlinks for you. We can also take on more complex tasks, like creating online forms, ready for you to implement.

Smaller, Smarter

If you are going to be making your documents available over the web, via email or by download from your website, we can compress the finished documents using CVISION's PDFcompressor - your documents will appear exactly the same on screen (and in print) but will download and open much faster - in the case of text documents, virtually instantly. Needless to say, they take up much less server space as well.

Guarantee the future.

If you want the security of knowing that the document you have today will open in 10, 20 or even 50 year's time - and look exactly the same, you need PDF/A. PDF/A is a strict standard that ensures your documents will open and look the same for years to come - essential for many industries.

In January 2014, the UK Government proposed, as part of it s initiative to using open standards in the production of government documents, that PDF/A should be the proffered choice for non-editable documents. It says: “PDF/A should be used as the default for non-editable documents. PDF 1.7 should be used where more rich functionality is needed.”

You can read more on the proposals here (opens in a new window)

If you are keen on following the Government's lead, using CVISION Docarchiver, a server based program that inspects your PDFs, corrects them and outputs the result as a PDF/A - we can convert your existing PDFs to ensure their long term compatibility.

Work wonders with text

If you create a PDF from scratch, you can normally search for text within it by using the "find" function. But what if you only have an image? Using CVISION PDFCompressor you can take any of the supported image files (TIFF, JPEG etc.) and perform an OCR capture of the text - giving you a text searchable PDF file just as if you had created it from scratch!

For more information of PDFCompressor's powerful features, visit our CVISION page. You can even download a trial to try it for yourself.

Some the PDF services we can offer :

  • Bookmarking
  • Hyperlinking
  • Creation from scratch
  • Online form creation
  • Compression
  • OCR - make your image PDFs text-searchable

For more details of all our PDF services, please contact us.

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