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Records Management

Records Management

Staying compliant and legal

An increase in compliance and privacy regulations and laws has meant todays business face a huge information management challenge.

Information that is in many different forms. Electronic, paper, email, microfilm, text and database present many challenges and which provide evidence of the business activities.

The cost to your organisation in time, money, missing information together with meeting increasingly more difficult compliance and document retention issues is enormous placing an increasing strain on your budgets.

Some records should be kept for legal, industry or commercial reasons but they will have a life. In essence a ‘document life cycle’.

Why not keep all records? Cost. Basically the time to retrieve information, the cost of storage and then finding you don’t have the vital piece of data. Some businesses take the view that if they don’t have it ( for instance, destroyed or lost) then they believe no issue will arise. Nothing could be further from the truth. There can be a very high price to pay in cases where documents could not be presented.

How Lightspeed can help you

  • We can ensure that you can easily record, manage and review your records policy or ‘document life cycle’.
  • Ensure compliance by fully auditing and recording all the actions taking during the life of your documents.
  • Compliance with The Data Protection act.
  • Reduce your business risk and thereby legal exposure.
  • Assistance with compliance to ISO 15489.
  • With Open Text Alchemy or ImageSilo you know your records will be compliant as well as safe.
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