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Scanflex: online archiving with free scanning

A scaleable, total service with fixed costs.
These days, most businesses have to maintain large volumes of information on paper. In an ideal world most of this would converted to digital format. Unfortunately because of the initial capital expenditure these documents are often left as paper. All that useful information just sat there!

With Scanflex you have an alternative. Scanflex is an on-line document repository, which gives you secure, instant 24/7 access to your archive worldwide.

Lightspeed will scan your documents, upload them to Scanflex so you can view them online. You only pay for the online hosting the scanning is free! All this at a price that is lower than most hosted solutions on the market.

Not much small print
To qualify for free scanning, all we ask is you agree a 12 month contract for the Scanflex service

For further details and full Terms & Conditions please contact us.