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Trapeze for Invoice Processing Trapeze for Invoice Processing Trapeze for Invoice Processing Trapeze for Invoice Processing
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Automated Solutions for Data Capture and Forms Processing

CVISION’s Trapeze provides efficient and cost effective solutions for automated forms processing. Trapeze automatically classifies incoming forms, extracting relevant data field information. Once Trapeze captures the extracted data, the information is processed and validated by the system. Upon validation, information is output directly into a document database. Once implemented, Trapeze users require only a fraction of the employees to process the same amount of forms.

Key benefits of automated data capture

  • Eliminate paper – no more manual processing.
  • Be more accurate - Automated data capture and validation eliminates errors introduced by manual data entry and reduces exceptions going forwards.
  • Faster data entry into your back office solution – Data is immediately uploaded to your system giving real time access to your business information.
  • Cut costs – reduce your paper handling costs and streamline business processes.

Measurable Return on Investment

In many instances, a team of employees entering information can be reduced to a single employee overseeing the entire process - this produces a concrete, measurable ROI.
Trapeze removes the hassle associated with manual data-entry. With Trapeze, organizations will reduce the number of employees involved in data-entry. The high accuracy of the recognition engine makes Trapeze a formidable data capture tool.

Unrivalled OCR/ICR

An automated form processing system is only as strong as the accuracy of the recognition engine. When the recognition process is unreliable, data cannot be automatically identified and extracted.

In achieving the highest OCR accuracy rate, Trapeze eliminates the hassle of data-entry and limits the data validation and correction in your data capture workflow. The system is built on a robust recognition engine comprised of the most accurate OCR engine available and flexible ICR technology for handwritten data.

Trapeze combines high accuracy recognition with the flexibility of an XML-based solution and can be engineered to integrate within your current document management workflow. With Trapeze, features and options can be fully customisable for the most optimal automation settings.

What does this all mean?

If you have forms or invoices that are keyed and manually verified, Trapeze will effectively replace your manual processes.

HR/Payroll forms, Customer Satisfaction forms, School application forms, Clinical Trials, Stock sheets, Patient forms and AP invoices. In fact any Application forms, either hand written or printed can benefit from the time, efficiency and cost savings Trapeze can bring.

For more information on Trapeze, you can download the datasheet (pdf, see below), or contact us for a quote.

Trapeze datasheet